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Our mission is to support anyone wishing to achieve performance in the professional, amateur or even leisure environment. Our team helps to develop your physical and psychological potential to the maximum in order to obtain the desired results. Based on a professional and scientific approach, we build your success through the selection of the best methods and technological tools. In addition, our long experience with professionals allows us to manage your success.


Implementation and respect of protocols dedicated to the high level:

  • Interview and assessments
  • Tests and evaluations
  • Analysis and reflections
  • Training programming and planning
  • Workout Controls and Adjustments
  • Management of weight and energy intake required Injury prevention and management


We “manage” the complete physical and mental preparation of the athlete:

• Control of training loads and volumes

• Control of the sessions carried out, quality, quantity

• Athlete stress and sleep management

• Management of the athlete's nutrition and diet

• Management of the athlete's recovery needs

• Orientation towards the appropriate referents according to the specificity required

• Support for the entire rehabilitation and re-athleticization of the athletes