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The health crisis (COVID 19) has disrupted lifestyles by leading to risky behaviors for the health and quality of life of individuals.

Our approach is in line with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards and more particularly in the social aspect. CSR is a lever of performance and value creation for the company. We support companies to improve the quality of life at work and well-being. The human dimension is at the heart of our concerns, we make it a priority.


  • Audit of well-being and quality of life at work
  • Analysis of collective and individual trends in well-being and quality of life at work
  • Advice on well-being and quality of life at work decisions to be put in place
  • Support and management of stress, burnout, anxiety
  • Dynamic posture workshops: muscle awakening
  • Massage workshops: relaxing, dynamic, energizing
  • Multidisciplinary workshop: nutrition, health, well-being
  • Analysis of sensitive workstations and appropriate solutions
  • Analysis of ergonomic equipment,
  • Implementation of adapted physical activity sessions
  • Implementation of “advice sheets”: postures, exercises, breathing, diet
  • Organization of events: Team Building sports, creative, artistic

Well-being in the workplace can improve employee productivity by 7 to 9%, increase their motivation by 37%, and reduce absenteeism by 25%.

A happy employee is a motivated and efficient employee.


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